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Back in 2009, we launched this blog to chronicle our initial journey the Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational Barbecue Competition - aka "The Jack.". Billed as the "World Championship of Barbecue", this epicurean "Superbowl" is held in the sleepy little hollow of Lynchburg, TN (pop.361) the 4th Saturday in October each year. It just so happens that Lynchburg is also home to the world renowned Jack Daniels distillery - the primary sponsor and namesake behind this culinary extravaganza.

Each year, tens of thousands of competition BBQ teams from across the United States (and around the world) spend countless hours and weekends competing in sanctioned BBQ events. These teams vie not only for Grand Championships & serious prize money (sometimes as much as $100K) - but perhaps even more importantly, they are all hoping by the end of the "BBQ season" to grab one of the 60 highly coveted spots to cook against an elite group of teams for the title of "world's best" (the "Jack" is by invitation only).

We competed in the 2009 Jack, and finished in the "middle of the pack" - an accomplishment we were certainly proud of. And after more or less taking the year off in 2010, "Hoochie-Que" is ramping up to make another run at a coveted invitation to the Jack in 2011.

So, after over a year of "neglect", we are "dusting off" this little ol' blog to once again share with family, friends, and other BBQ cooks/fans our experiences as we start our journey hopefully towards another invitation to the "Jack" in October 2011.

Also - and especially if you are new to this blog - make certain to read back through the "Blog Archive" to re-visit our experiences and trip to the Jack back in 2009! Some pretty good writing, memories & photos if I do say so myself!

Thanks - and we hope to see you in Lynchburg on October!

March 26, 2011

Sunday, September 06, 2009

"Honey, where is the Pepto?...."

You know - sometimes you just ought to heed the old adage of "Be careful of what you wish for - you just might get it"!!

This past Thursday - when the official list of the teams invited to the 2009 Jack Daniels World Championship BBQ competition was made public - well, it also released a "flock" of butterflies in my belly as well. (Do butterflies fly in "flocks"?) While we had known since earlier this summer that we might have a shot at going to the "Jack" this year, the reality that it was truly going to happen suddenly hit home on Thursday afternoon as well. There was joy and excitement for certain - but I would be lying if I didn't admit that there was also a "pit" of sorts in my stomach as well as I reviewed the other teams that we will be competing against on October 23-24.

Wow - here were real-life, nationally prominent/ranked BBQ teams on the list such as "Jack's Old South", "Pellet Envy", "Swamp Boys", "Bub-Ba-Q", "Rhythm ‘n QUE", "Parrothead Smokers", "QUAU", and "cancersuckschicago.com" among others! There were also really solid "regional" teams we have competed against over the past few years on the list as well - "Otis & The Bird", "Team Ida Q", "Blake's BBQ", "All Hogs Go to Heaven", and others. Teams that have won a LOT more frequently than we have. And to add to my "acid indigestion", some of these teams are THAT GOOD that they have been to the "Jack" 2-3-5-7-12 times!

While these funny sounding team names may not ring a bell with many folks, it is indeed somewhat akin to being told your "Adult Mens' Saturday Flag Football Team" is facing Florida, Texas, USC, Alabama, and Ohio State in late October - and all at the same time on the same day!! Sheez - talk about your "David & Goliath" type of scenario!...

Oh well... I just have to keep remembering that there indeed IS a good reason we were selected... That these teams all put their pants on one leg at a time, too ... And, oh yeah - that David DID whip Goliath...

"Burp...... Honey, can you pass me just a little bit more of the Pepto, please?...."


Dan - 3eyzbbq said...

You'll do fine. Its good to be an underdog! See you there.

JT said...

Congrats on making it to the Jack... many wish they could be in your shoes. Give the big names a run for their money!

Dr. Michael Knight said...

Thanks a million, Dan & JT, for the words of support! As a good friend reminded me recently - when it is all said and done, it really is just about me/us and the meat... So I just need to back my ears, keep that in mind - and remember to enjoy the moment as well... Dan/3eyzbbq, will look forward to meeting to meeting you there...

The Baumann's said...

Awesome! Sweet! Congrats Knights, we always thought your Q was the best of the best, now just show them! And the secret ingredient.....the floor! Remember to have FUN!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike- congrats! I'm excited for you and wish you the very best! I'd be glad to come with you to help in any way. Just let me know. We Idahoans wish you luck!!
Pitmaster BarBQue Company
Idaho Falls, ID